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Guadalajara is a vibrant and culturally rich Mexican city located in the state of Jalisco. With a population of around five million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in Mexico and the capital of the state.The city

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Guadalajara is a vibrant and culturally rich Mexican city located in the state of Jalisco. With a population of around five million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in Mexico and the capital of the state.
The city of Guadalajara has a unique combination of history, colonial architecture and modernity. Its streets are full of colors, historical monuments and a charming historic center that includes the famous Guadalajara Cathedral.
Culture and traditions are fundamental elements in Guadalajara. Mariachi, an emblematic Mexican musical genre, originated in this region, and it is possible to enjoy live music in the streets and plazas of the city. In Guadalajara you can also enjoy the traditional sport known as charrería. Jalisco’s gastronomy is also outstanding, with dishes such as birria, pozole, meat in its juice, jericalla, tacos and tortas ahogadas, which delight the palate of visitors.
The city is also known for being an important educational center, with prestigious universities and schools. In addition, Guadalajara is known for its lively nightlife, with bars, nightclubs and cultural centers offering a wide variety of entertainment options.
The climate in Guadalajara is mostly temperate throughout the year, with different seasons that allow the outdoors to be enjoyed. The city offers several parks and green spaces, inviting residents and visitors to relax and enjoy nature.

In short, Guadalajara is a dynamic and lively city, with a rich history, culture, gastronomy and warm hospitality that make it an attractive place to explore. Here are some tourist activities:

  1. Take a Free Tour: As in every city this is the best introduction to the city, they occur every day starting at 10 am from the Plaza de Armas. The best and cheapest way to learn about the place you are visiting and ask a local guide for top tips. Start exploring the majestic Guadalajara Cathedral, the Cabañas Cultural Institute, the Degollado Theater and learn the secrets of the city by walking through its streets. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and colonial architecture of the area.
  2. Explore Tlaquepaque and Tonalá: These charming nearby towns offer a wide variety of handicrafts and traditional Mexican products. You can explore craft markets, pottery stores and enjoy the local gastronomy.
  3. Visit the Zapopan Art Museum: This museum houses modern and contemporary art. It also has beautiful gardens and outdoor sculptures.
  4. Enjoy food and mariachi music: Guadalajara is famous for its delicious Mexican food, such as birrias, tortas ahogadas and tequila. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to live mariachi music in local restaurants and bars.
  5. Tequila: A short distance from Guadalajara is the tequila producing region. You can visit the distilleries, learn about the production process and taste different types of tequila.
  6. Visit the magical towns around Guadalajara such as Tequila, Chapala, Mazamitla and let their traditional architecture take you on a journey through time.
  7. Enjoy the regional sport of charreria at the original ranch of Vicente Fernadez, (well known Mexican artist) where you can find huge stables and a horse farm.
  8. If you are a soccer lover you can attend a game of the local team “Chivas de Guadalajara” in their own stadium.
  9. During your visit you can enjoy different cultural festivals such as the International Film Festival, the International Book Fair, etc.
  10. Explore the different recreational activities, in the city of Guadalajara you will find the largest zoo in the country where you can find different activities and interact with different species.

Guadalajara is known for its rich gastronomy, and there is a wide variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. Here are some of the best restaurants in Guadalajara:

  • Alcalde: Offers a contemporary culinary experience with a focus on local ingredients and innovative techniques.
  • Boca del Cielo: Specializing in fresh seafood and fish, with a variety of delicious and creative dishes.
  • Hueso: This unique restaurant features extravagant décor and offers a multi-course tasting dining experience.
  • Anita Li: Fuses the flavors of Asian and Mexican cuisine, offering creative and delicious dishes with a unique touch.
  • La Tequila Cocina de Mexico: Offers authentic Mexican food, highlighting traditional flavors and a variety of high quality tequilas.
  • Casa Tomás: Specializing in meat cuts and grilled meats, this restaurant offers a wide selection of tasty and generous dishes.
  • Lula Bistro: Offers a sophisticated culinary experience with a signature menu that combines fresh ingredients and artistic presentations.
  • Da Franco: The best Italian food in town, in downtown Zapopan, very close to the city, its cozy ambiance is perfect for a special and delicious dinner.
  • DMT: Emerging bar in Guadalajara to live one of the most epic nights with techno music, international DJ’s and great atmosphere.
  • Vietnam: It is a bar with a lively atmosphere and special dishes that will make your visit an incredible experience.
  • Salón Candela: Bar in downtown Zapopan, very close to the city center, perfect for dancing and having special and unique cocktails.
  • El callejón de los Rumberos: The best place to dance classic Latin rhythms with professional dancers who can teach you some new steps.

Festivals in Guadalajara reflect the cultural richness of the city and Mexico in general. These events often feature a wide range of artistic expressions, such as music, dance, theater, film, literature and visual arts. Festivals offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in local culture and traditions, as well as to meet renowned Mexican artists and creators.

  • Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG): Internationally recognized, this festival presents the best of Ibero-American cinema, including feature films, documentaries and short films.
  • May Cultural Festival: A month full of cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibits and dance performances, celebrating the cultural richness of Guadalajara.
  • Festival Internacional de Mariachi y Charrería: A vibrant celebration of mariachi music and the charrería tradition, with parades, competitions and concerts throughout downtown.
  • Vive Latino Guadalajara: A regional edition of the famous music festival, featuring a mix of musical genres and outstanding national and international artists.
  • Jalisco International Jazz Festival: A musical event that brings together renowned jazz musicians from around the world to offer unforgettable concerts in various venues in the city.
  • Fiestas de Octubre: An annual celebration with concerts, fairs, exhibitions and activities for the whole family that commemorates the culture and traditions of Guadalajara.
  • Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea Onésimo González: A contemporary dance showcase featuring innovative performances by renowned dance companies.
  • Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL): The largest literary event in the Spanish-speaking world, bringing together authors, publishers and readers in a celebration of literature.
  • Exa Guadalajara Concert: A massive concert featuring popular artists from genres such as pop, rock and electronica, providing an exciting musical experience.
  • International Puppet Festival La Muestra MÁS Grande de Jalisco: An event for the whole family that presents puppet shows and marionettes from different countries, filling the city with magic and fun.
  • Festival Coordenada: An annual festival that brings together rock, pop and indie artists in a festive atmosphere, making it a unique celebration of contemporary music.
  • Festival Roxy para Rockear in Guadalajara: Offers a dose of live rock with local and national bands, giving lovers of the genre an energetic and authentic experience.
  • Guadalajara International Reggae Festival: An event that highlights the relaxing rhythms of reggae, with international and local artists sharing their love for the music.
  • International Electronic Festival: Immerse yourself in the electronic scene with avant-garde performances and video mapping projections that transform urban spaces.
  • Akamba Festival in Guadalajara: The Akamba Concert is a unique musical event that takes place in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. This concert stands out for its focus on Afro-descendant music and culture, offering attendees an unforgettable experience full of rhythm, dance and celebration.
  • Corona Capital: Corona Capital is a renowned music festival that brings together a variety of artists from different genres in an exciting weekend of concerts.
  • The Festival de la Luz (Festival of Light) is an annual event held in Guadalajara, Mexico. During this festival, different historical monuments and public spaces of the city are illuminated with artistic light installations and visual projections.

 The Magical Towns near Guadalajara have a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy. From hiking in their natural surroundings, to bike rides, horseback riding or boat tours in nearby lakes or dams. These activities allow you to connect with nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

  • Tequila: Known worldwide as the birthplace of tequila, this picturesque town offers distillery tours and charming colonial architecture.
  • Tlaquepaque: Located just a few kilometers from Guadalajara, it is famous for its artistic ingenuity, craft stores and art galleries. Here you will find beautiful works of ceramics, blown glass and pottery.
  • Chapala: Located on the shores of Lake Chapala, it is a popular destination for those looking to relax and enjoy beautiful lake views. It is also known for its festivals and craft markets.
  • Tapalpa: Surrounded by forests and mountains, this magical town is ideal for nature lovers. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.
  • Mazamitla: Another charming town in the highlands of Jalisco, Mazamitla is known for its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Here you can explore waterfalls, forests and enjoy activities such as zip-lining and ATV rides.
  • Ajijic: Located on the shores of Lake Chapala, Ajijic is a popular destination for expatriate retreats. It has a vibrant artistic community and offers beautiful scenery, art galleries and restaurants overlooking the lake.
  • San Juan Cosalá: This town on the shores of Lake Chapala is famous for its hot springs. You can enjoy relaxing baths in its natural hot springs and spas.
  • Tapalpa: Another charming town in the highlands of Jalisco, it is ideal for nature lovers. It has beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and charming colonial architecture.
  • Mascota: Surrounded by mountains, this historic town is located in a green valley. You can visit its beautiful church and explore the surroundings, it is also famous for its traditional religious festivities.
  • San Sebastian del Oeste: A small mining town with well-preserved colonial architecture. Here you can take tours of historic mines, enjoy the rural tranquility and sample traditional food.

We hope you found everything you wanted to know about Guadalajara in this article and that it helped you for in your trip, if there is anything else you would like to now, leave us a comment and we will try to find that extra piece of in formation you need, thank you!

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